Sometimes my loving parents and brother’s and my sister’s help out my budget, by treating us to special events, attractions, dinners and movies. If your children are well behaved and get good grades it happens more often. I remind my kids to send thank you notes (heck texts n emails work too) for gifts and to say thank you as often as possible. Getting good grades and awards at school also get very nice donations :), that we never expect or ask for.

Last summer 2012 my brother suggested we all go to Universal Studios & Venice Beach for a couple a days. I said “OK, will split it”. We went and had a blast, 2 nights & 3 days of fun. Upon return I asked my brother what was my share of the cost, he said “Nothing $0” brother, “your kids behaved so well, its my treat”. Lets do it again next summer.

Update, my brother reminded me that our summer trip was coming up and we were going to CA. Adventure Park this year. 2013 We cant wait!

My parents and my other siblings do allot of nice things as well. And I always remind my girls of how proud I am, of how well the behave and say “thank you” and send notes for gifts.

Signs of appreciation go a long way!


Lunchables Homemade


IMG_0565Lunchables Homemade

My girls have always liked Lunchables. So now I make them at home that I believe to be fresher and more nutritious. Any time a kid can stack food and eat with their fingers is fun. I vary the type of cracker I use (Saltines regular or wheat, Triscuts, any cracker type, round or square, etc…) I vary the meat and cheese. For this one I used, Saltines, Bologna and Mozzarella part skim cheese. Also I added some strawberries for a sweet n tart kick. Crackers cost me $1.49, Cheese cost me $1.89 and the Bologna was $1.00. Strawberries cost $2.50 a lb. Total cost $6.88, I get about 8-12 servings out of the combined items. So each meal/snack cost about .57 cents each. Lunchables cost about 1.50 to 2.50 a pop. Savings galore…. P.S. Don’t forget the “Napkin”

My youngest the “picky eater” Made a cracker, cheese, meat and strawberry, cracker stack.
I did not see that coming.
And it looked appealing and tasted very good,
as a sweet n tart fusion combo!!

Nursery Rhymes… morning fun


nurse1nurse2 nurse3 nurse4Nursery Rhymes...  morning fun


Sleep in later than your usual weekday if u can and take the kids to a
Local Nursery, Flower Garden, scenic park type. You’ll find
friendly people, most are free access, peaceful surroundings.

I took them to this real friendly Nursery flower garden it was free.

I stopped at my favorite inexpensive local bakery for some Muffins, pastry, each picks out there own. u could go to a convenience store, grocery store, wally world any place that has a good price. i paid $4.60 for 4 muffins and 2 hot chocolates i turned into 4. i added hot water there and made 4 cups. less sugar and more yield.

when we got to the nursery flower garden we took our time and focused on cool and neat and pretty details. “Oh look over here!” “check this out” “aaahhhhh so pretty”
was the conversation starter. We killed about 2 hours taking our time from start to finish and we were ready to go home for a rest, snack, own time wants.