Lunchables Homemade


IMG_0565Lunchables Homemade

My girls have always liked Lunchables. So now I make them at home that I believe to be fresher and more nutritious. Any time a kid can stack food and eat with their fingers is fun. I vary the type of cracker I use (Saltines regular or wheat, Triscuts, any cracker type, round or square, etc…) I vary the meat and cheese. For this one I used, Saltines, Bologna and Mozzarella part skim cheese. Also I added some strawberries for a sweet n tart kick. Crackers cost me $1.49, Cheese cost me $1.89 and the Bologna was $1.00. Strawberries cost $2.50 a lb. Total cost $6.88, I get about 8-12 servings out of the combined items. So each meal/snack cost about .57 cents each. Lunchables cost about 1.50 to 2.50 a pop. Savings galore…. P.S. Don’t forget the “Napkin”

My youngest the “picky eater” Made a cracker, cheese, meat and strawberry, cracker stack.
I did not see that coming.
And it looked appealing and tasted very good,
as a sweet n tart fusion combo!!