Hide N Seek, still a Classic

The picture is of my youngest when I found her playing “Hide n Seek”

This classic game never gets old, only we do.  The trick is as you get older, finding a good spot that is big enough   Sometimes I find a real good spot and get tired of being found.  Unlike when I was young and wanted to be found.

Cost = Free     Laughter & Fun, pricelesssage cute


H2o for kids

Ill take my filtered water and make a pitcher of Wyler’s Light.

Sugar Free Low Calorie

The come in different flavors. $1.88 at your grocery store.

6 packets make 6 pitchers that go a long way.Image

Nursery Rhymes… morning fun


nurse1nurse2 nurse3 nurse4Nursery Rhymes...  morning fun


Sleep in later than your usual weekday if u can and take the kids to a
Local Nursery, Flower Garden, scenic park type. You’ll find
friendly people, most are free access, peaceful surroundings.

I took them to this real friendly Nursery flower garden it was free.

I stopped at my favorite inexpensive local bakery for some Muffins, pastry, each picks out there own. u could go to a convenience store, grocery store, wally world any place that has a good price. i paid $4.60 for 4 muffins and 2 hot chocolates i turned into 4. i added hot water there and made 4 cups. less sugar and more yield.

when we got to the nursery flower garden we took our time and focused on cool and neat and pretty details. “Oh look over here!” “check this out” “aaahhhhh so pretty”
was the conversation starter. We killed about 2 hours taking our time from start to finish and we were ready to go home for a rest, snack, own time wants.

Blog Kick Off and 1st Article Coming Soon

Hello my name is David and I have 3 beautiful daughters ages 12, 10 and 7.  I have been divorced for almost 5 years now.  I get my 3 girls every weekend and every other Holiday and during Spring Breaks and school summers.  On top of paying child support, I have to come up ways to feed, entertain and clothe my beauties.  So I think I have done a good job so far and wish to pass along tip’s on my creative ideas and solutions to other Dads who may be in need of saving $$$.  Also I have learned how to feed these beauties who are eating more as they grow and get some nutrition in my youngest one who is very picky and demanding, lol.   I plan to post places to buy clothes for a less expensive price, post menus with pictures and places to buy less expensive good food.  Also I will post places you can entertain your kids for free or less expensive than normal and post some fun Activity ideas.   Image

Expensive Tech Toys

I have 3 girls ages 12, 10 and 7. do you know they love minecraft! I was like what?? boys game I thought. I think they like the building houses n forts best. My oldest is a tech savvy chick. I got her a Dora the Explorer PC game when she was 2 1/2. She finished the game in about a week and has not looked back since. Now I go to her for advice on tech stuff, mainly cause im lazy, but i consider myself a above than normal tech person from reading all those manuals for years. I also am happy that my girls play their gadgets, ipod, mp3, play stations, dsi’s cause they weren’t cheap and I dislike when I buy a toy and they loose interest shortly. Argh money down the drain…