Its December again….

Hello to my followers and hello to myself.  As life is and goes so does the life we live.  Always wanting to blog for myself and other new single dads on a budget…   I was absorbed  like a sponge that is life…

You know that being on top of things only creates, more things to be on top of.  And that only leads to in most cases, urgency of top priorities and so on…

My attempt to re start this blog is very important, because when I searched how to manage my life as a single Male parent…  Only resulted in attorney web ads or female to female info.    So my purpose to maybe hook up other recent single dads with some info and inside info or funny stories at least, was ideal.

FYI.  I now have my daughters 50% of the time thru the court with legal papers.  I used to have them on the weekends and whenever my ex wife wanted to grant them time with me.  Although I was not looking forward to Family Court and ask a judge to c in my favor.  Because of all the free bad advice I was given by other divorcees, I filed court papers with a fee waiver granted…  Boom, I had the same amount of power as the birth loving mother of my kids.   Keep in mind the person advocate given to our case, was a woman.  And she was looking out for me?  Probably because in my interview I was genuine about my love and need for time with my girls.

As opposed to some ridiculous amount of money imposed by child support accounting.


ages now 14, 12 and 10

Well as I said its December again.  I will start by letting you know that I purchased a legit Christmas tree at Family Dollar Value store for $5.00

A star topper for $1 and two 6 packs of tree ornaments for $1 each.

Wow, the fun we had decorating and deciding where to place the tree in my humble home, was so much fun and memorial.  For my girls as they probably won’t realize it until much later in life, than I instantly observed and reminded myself how fun it was to do it at that age.








Fedora Hats….. $4.99 birthday presents


Awesome buy, awesome hat.   We even bought one for Sage’s friend whom she had an innovation to a b-day party.  We bought her a cool Panda picture t-shirt 80’s color green n grey stripe shirt $4.99  at “Fallas” one of my go to stores mentioned in my previous blog.

I call ahead and ask the mom what there kid is into.  Then I can purchase the appropriate gift.   Then I ask if I can bring my other daughters and myself to the party.  Once I have the details I look for ways to budget the trip, I do it.

Cost $5.99 – $10.99, depending on the gift.

This is always a win win, free food, free drink and free invitations to other b-day parties.  Hopefully they will show up to my girls b-day parties, the more guest’s………. the more the presents !!

Children’s Clothing on a Budget


The picture is of my youngest (Sage is her name), she wanted a new dress (as they all do every year) for Easter Sunday.  Now keep in mind I have 3 girls so everything I buy is done X times 3.  And since the like to copy each other everything is X’s 3, tech toys, jewelry  iPod,  dsi, dolls, kids meals, movie tickets and you name it.  That is the main reason I’m always looking was to save $$$

So I take them to one of my 3 spots for Deep Discounts on clothes from socks and panties, to school uniforms and fancy dresses.  I go to “Fallas, Factory 2-U” or “Susie’s Deals” or “Toda Moda”.   Well my youngest found a velvety dress normally $24.99 on sale for $11.99.  And my middle on found an outfit (she wanted casual) pants and top for $9.99.  Yeah!!   My oldest was bought a nice dress from her mom my ex.   Yeah, I did not have to actually buy a third dress but I still paid for it I think.  As she gets child support from me and does not work at a paying job.

This week I got a call from my ex, “Can you buy the middle child a dress for her upcoming graduation?”  “She needs it now for pictures”  OK I said no prob.  I pick up my middle girl (Venice is her name) and say, “Hey V lets go to “Fallas” and get a dress”  To my surprise she said, ” No, I want to go to the mall daddy, please”   I imagined $$$ flying out of my pocket.  I said OK

After all the fancy stores and kids boutiques she found the ONE!  And of all places it was Sears in the mall.  Normally $54.99 it was on clearance for $27.49 !!  yeah!!!     So it goes to show there are deals at allot of places, you just have to look around and compare.

Sushi & Edamame, my kids love finger food

One day I decided I would make sushi at home.  How hard can it be.  Well after my third try, I consider myself pretty good at it.  I watched some videos on YouTube for cooking the right type of rice and how to.   I bought a wooden roller and some seaweed paper at my local Asian market it was cheaper than eBay.

My oldest girl and my middle one like California rolls and cooked shrimp rolls.  My youngest girl likes rice with soy sauce, well they all do.   And my fave part is they all LOVE edamame!  Sprinkle a little sea salt over them after heating up in the microwave or steamer, and presto fun food.

You can get edamame at Trader Joe or any grocery store for like $2 in the frozen section for a pound.  I always wish I bought more after the grub it all up in a furry.

I make my own rolls for me and we all have a Happy happy time.  Its always cheaper than going to our fave Sushi place and I now save those trips for Birthdays or special occasions.


Chicken Nuggets, Please….

There are many types and brands of Chicken Nuggets available at the grocery store or Dollar Tree or 99 Cent Only store.

Easy to make and great for picky eaters.  Serve with Ketchup or BBQ or Ranch sauce.   Great finger food as well.  Quick side dish and presto  Lunch or Dinner served.  Side dish ideas can be mac n cheese, steamed broccoli,  apples, grapes, celery w peanut butter, etc…

I put mine in the oven a little bit longer than recommended …………………………to get that crunchy feel.

P.S.  Don’t forget the Napkin!CAM00111

Nursery Rhymes… morning fun


nurse1nurse2 nurse3 nurse4Nursery Rhymes...  morning fun


Sleep in later than your usual weekday if u can and take the kids to a
Local Nursery, Flower Garden, scenic park type. You’ll find
friendly people, most are free access, peaceful surroundings.

I took them to this real friendly Nursery flower garden it was free.

I stopped at my favorite inexpensive local bakery for some Muffins, pastry, each picks out there own. u could go to a convenience store, grocery store, wally world any place that has a good price. i paid $4.60 for 4 muffins and 2 hot chocolates i turned into 4. i added hot water there and made 4 cups. less sugar and more yield.

when we got to the nursery flower garden we took our time and focused on cool and neat and pretty details. “Oh look over here!” “check this out” “aaahhhhh so pretty”
was the conversation starter. We killed about 2 hours taking our time from start to finish and we were ready to go home for a rest, snack, own time wants.