Lunchables Homemade


IMG_0565Lunchables Homemade

My girls have always liked Lunchables. So now I make them at home that I believe to be fresher and more nutritious. Any time a kid can stack food and eat with their fingers is fun. I vary the type of cracker I use (Saltines regular or wheat, Triscuts, any cracker type, round or square, etc…) I vary the meat and cheese. For this one I used, Saltines, Bologna and Mozzarella part skim cheese. Also I added some strawberries for a sweet n tart kick. Crackers cost me $1.49, Cheese cost me $1.89 and the Bologna was $1.00. Strawberries cost $2.50 a lb. Total cost $6.88, I get about 8-12 servings out of the combined items. So each meal/snack cost about .57 cents each. Lunchables cost about 1.50 to 2.50 a pop. Savings galore…. P.S. Don’t forget the “Napkin”

My youngest the “picky eater” Made a cracker, cheese, meat and strawberry, cracker stack.
I did not see that coming.
And it looked appealing and tasted very good,
as a sweet n tart fusion combo!!


Sushi & Edamame, my kids love finger food

One day I decided I would make sushi at home.  How hard can it be.  Well after my third try, I consider myself pretty good at it.  I watched some videos on YouTube for cooking the right type of rice and how to.   I bought a wooden roller and some seaweed paper at my local Asian market it was cheaper than eBay.

My oldest girl and my middle one like California rolls and cooked shrimp rolls.  My youngest girl likes rice with soy sauce, well they all do.   And my fave part is they all LOVE edamame!  Sprinkle a little sea salt over them after heating up in the microwave or steamer, and presto fun food.

You can get edamame at Trader Joe or any grocery store for like $2 in the frozen section for a pound.  I always wish I bought more after the grub it all up in a furry.

I make my own rolls for me and we all have a Happy happy time.  Its always cheaper than going to our fave Sushi place and I now save those trips for Birthdays or special occasions.


Chicken Nuggets, Please….

There are many types and brands of Chicken Nuggets available at the grocery store or Dollar Tree or 99 Cent Only store.

Easy to make and great for picky eaters.  Serve with Ketchup or BBQ or Ranch sauce.   Great finger food as well.  Quick side dish and presto  Lunch or Dinner served.  Side dish ideas can be mac n cheese, steamed broccoli,  apples, grapes, celery w peanut butter, etc…

I put mine in the oven a little bit longer than recommended …………………………to get that crunchy feel.

P.S.  Don’t forget the Napkin!CAM00111