Its December again….

Hello to my followers and hello to myself.  As life is and goes so does the life we live.  Always wanting to blog for myself and other new single dads on a budget…   I was absorbed  like a sponge that is life…

You know that being on top of things only creates, more things to be on top of.  And that only leads to in most cases, urgency of top priorities and so on…

My attempt to re start this blog is very important, because when I searched how to manage my life as a single Male parent…  Only resulted in attorney web ads or female to female info.    So my purpose to maybe hook up other recent single dads with some info and inside info or funny stories at least, was ideal.

FYI.  I now have my daughters 50% of the time thru the court with legal papers.  I used to have them on the weekends and whenever my ex wife wanted to grant them time with me.  Although I was not looking forward to Family Court and ask a judge to c in my favor.  Because of all the free bad advice I was given by other divorcees, I filed court papers with a fee waiver granted…  Boom, I had the same amount of power as the birth loving mother of my kids.   Keep in mind the person advocate given to our case, was a woman.  And she was looking out for me?  Probably because in my interview I was genuine about my love and need for time with my girls.

As opposed to some ridiculous amount of money imposed by child support accounting.


ages now 14, 12 and 10

Well as I said its December again.  I will start by letting you know that I purchased a legit Christmas tree at Family Dollar Value store for $5.00

A star topper for $1 and two 6 packs of tree ornaments for $1 each.

Wow, the fun we had decorating and deciding where to place the tree in my humble home, was so much fun and memorial.  For my girls as they probably won’t realize it until much later in life, than I instantly observed and reminded myself how fun it was to do it at that age.